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Encounters of Land and Sea, the 6th ESEH conference. Turku, Finland, 28 June – 02 July 2011

July 13, 2011

I travelled down to London feeling nervous, excited and intrigued. I had never been to a conference so wasn’t sure what to expect. Travel arrangements went smoothly and soon enough me and Catharine had arrived in Turku, greeted by blue skies and sunshine (24 hours a day!). First up was a guided tour of the excellent maritime museum: the Forum Marinum, followed by a reception aboard the Suomen Joutsen.
Thursday morning and we were one of first to present, I was very nervous but the presentation went well and generated alot of interest in ARCdoc, with questions following thick and fast, allowing for plenty of discussion that continued beyond the scope of our timeslot.

I was surprised at the diversity of topics being presented through-out the conference, so many infact I was unable to go to all presentations I wanted to!
I will say two papers I found very enjoyable were ‘The Emergence of Early Specialist Fishing Communities in Iceland: AD 1000 to AD 1800’ by Stuart Morrison and ‘The Paradox of David Stead and the Australian Sea’ by Lif Lund Jacobsen. Abstracts for both can be found here:

Before I knew it, it was Saturday and time to fly back to the UK. Turku is a beautiful city and I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. On behalf of the ARCdoc team I would like to thank Timo Myllyntaus and the University of Turku for their hard work in creating such a welcoming, diverse and well organised week. My first conference experience has definately been a good one. Matt

Despite temptation we resisted a visit to Moomin World

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